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Age limits

Rules for youth travelling alone.

Regular route traffic: 18 years

Exceptions: A young person aged 15-17 years can travel unaccompanied by a parent or other adult when the young person has written consent from one’s parents or custodian.

RG Line must always be able to verify the consent immediately before the ship’s departure and up until the arrival at the port of destination. The custodian shall consider if the youth should have companion and/or someone meeting in the port of arrival.

The youth shall present the travel permission at time of ticket control when boarding the ship. He/she shall also upon request present a valid identity document and tell the custodians contact information. As identity document a driver’s license, passport or official ID card is accepted.

Youth under the age of 15 are not allowed to travel alone.



Cancellation terms

For paid reservations cancelled:

  • Earlier than 7 days prior to departure, 10% of the price or a minimum of 10 EUR / 90 SEK is charged.
  • Later than 7 days but earlier than 2 days prior to departure, 50% of the price is charged.
  • Reservations cancelled later than 2 days prior to departure are charged the full price.

If the reservation is cancelled later than 7 days prior to departure due to illness or other comparable reason we charge a 10 EUR / 90 SEK cancellation fee. The reason for cancellation is to be proved for example with a doctor’s certificate.

Credit cards, currency

EUR and SEK are accepted onboard and in the ports, possible exchange is returned in local currency in the ports. The following credit cards are also accepted:

  • American Express
  • Diners Club International (not onboard)
  • EuroCard
  • MasterCard
  • VISA

Currency exchange

You can exchange currency and change for vending machines from the cafeteria cashier.

Persons with reduced health and who therefore are limited to take care of themselves during the voyage should consult their doctor regarding travel plans prior to booking of the trip.

For safety reasons we do not recommend travelling in the last phase of pregnancy.

For safety reasons, the disabled persons who require the assistance of another person are permitted to travel only with their guardian, nurse or other suitable companion.

The companion is required to take care of the person in their charge during check-in, embarking, the voyage and disembarking. The companion is required to report to the information desk and provide details concerning personal data before departure.

We recommend passengers with wheelchair to use the gangway when boarding the ship. This because we cannot guarantee a close access to the passenger lift at the car deck. Our personnel gives you more information when booking.

ID controlThe International Maritime Organization IMO:s full meeting decided unanimously in November 2001 to intensify port and ship security. The regulations apply from July 2004. Passengers has to prepare for security checks including proof of identity with a reliable, valid identification document such as:

  • Passport
  • Drivers license

Obligation to proof identity applies to all passengers. Persons who cannot or refuses to proof their identity upon request are denied boarding.

Passport and visa regulations

A valid passport is required in order to enter RG Lines destinations. Before travelling, please check which travel documents are required for these countries.

The passengers are required to find out whether they need to apply for a visa. If a visa is required, passengers have to apply for the visa themselves. If the visa or other travel documents are not in order, and the authorities turn the passenger back at the border, then the passenger is liable for subsequent expenses due to this.

Payment conditions

The reservation should be paid prior to departure. Payments can be made the following ways:


Follow the instructions in our online-booking.

Booking by phone

If a booking is made by phone it can be paid for in our online-booking. Choose “Payment” and follow the instructions.

Payment in the port

If an advance payment cannot be made according to above described it shall be paid at check-in in the port.


Dogs and cats can be transported onboard in spaces reserved for that purpose. Inform about pets at time of booking because the number of pets onboard are limited.

Please bring own bowls for water and food.

Please notice import restrictions. Check with your veterinary.





Driving instructions: The port of Vaasa is located about 4 km from the city centre on Vaskiluoto. Follow road sign “Uumaja, Umeå” to the terminal.

Parking: Free, unguarded parking area.


Driving instructions: The Port of Umeå Is located about 20 km East of Umeå. Follow road E12 from Umeå towards the coast, road ends at terminal.

Parking: Parking fee, unguarded parking area.

Bus transfers to/from the terminals

The bus transfers to and from the terminals in Vaasa and Umeå have been discontinued during autumn 2005. If you need transport to the port please call one of the listed taxi companies. You can also ask for fixed prices for the transport.

Vaasan Ulataksi

Phone: +358 (0)6-100 411

Taxi Mix (Umeå)

Phone: +46 (0)90-14 12 14

Onboard in the cafeteria we can help you book a taxi from the port. Notify the cafeteria cashier about transportation needs and we will book taxis in time for ships arrival. Car pools may also be available.

Reservations and tickets

Reservations can be made the following ways:

  • Internet reservation
  • Telephone:Finland +358 (0)207 716 810Sweden +46 (0)90 18 52 00
  • Through travel agency

When making a reservation, the first and last name, date of birth and nationality of all passengers must be given. Please also inform us about a possible disability.

If the tickets are used at another time than originally planned, the reservation must be changed. The change should be marked on the ticket. Any change in price, due to different price seasons, is to be paid. There are no other charges for changes.

In case the original ticket has been lost, a new ticket must be purchased. The shipping company will not refund lost, stolen or destroyed tickets. Travel insurance is recommended.

Any unused ticket is reimbursed only when the booking is cancelled in due order and the cancellation is marked on the ticket. A fee is charged for this according to the cancellation rules.

The ticket is valid six months from the date of purchase.

Safety onboard

We encourage passengers to get to know the ships safety instructions. At departure short information is given regarding the ships safety instructions and lifesaving equipment. The crew is always ready to answer questions regarding safety.

RG Lines safety management system is constructed according to the international safety code, ISM-Code, and it’s approved and certified by the Finnish Maritime Administration.

Car passengers please notice:

  • All goods in the car must be securely fixed.
  • Smoking and making of open fire on car deck is forbidden.
  • Staying on car deck during voyage is forbidden.
  • The car deck is closed during the voyage and opens after arrival.
  • Follow crew instructions on car deck and do not start your engine until it’s your turn to drive out.
  • Flammable liquids in open containers cannot be transported on car deck.
  • Valves on gas containers in campers and caravans must be closed during voyage.


Smoking onboard

All public areas onboard are smoke free.

With consideration of fire safety and general comfort smoking is only allowed in outside areas marked with “Smoking Area” sign.

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Standard condiotions of carriage

Open link to document Standard conditions of carriage for passengers and their luggage.



Ticket control

At the check-in counter at the terminal the ticket is exchanged for a boarding card. Passengers are required to show the boarding card upon embarking. Be prepared to prove your identity.

Check-in closes 15 minutes prior to departure.

Companions are usually not allowed to enter the ship. In case a companion is needed, please contact our sales or check-in.

Pass engers with vehicles:

Passengers with vehicles must be at the check in one hour prior to departure at the latest. Reservations for late arrivals are not guaranteed (vehicle is put on waiting list).

Passengers do not have access to the car deck during the voyage.

Passengers without vehicles:

Please arrive at the terminal no later than 30 minutes before departure. The reservations of passengers arriving later than this are no longer valid.

The gangway closes 15 minutes prior to departure.



Time differences and time onboard

Arrival and departure times are always indicated in local time. Finland is one hour ahead (+1 h) of Sweden.

Time onboard is Finnish time.

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